3.03 O'Mealy Piping Style

Copyright in the physical recordings rests with the BBC and copyright in the music rests with the estate of R. L. O’Mealy. At the time of writing, they are not in the public domain and permission must be sought from the copyright holders if a third party wishes to use them. Thanks are due to the estate of O’Mealy and the BBC for allowing us to use the recordings.

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  1. O'Mealy's Hornpipe
  2. Cork Hornpipe
  3. Wheels of the World (Pitchfork)
  4. The Blackbird
  5. The Mountains of Pomeroy
  6. The Maid at Mourneshore
  7. The Drops of Brandy
  8. The Sligo Lasses
  9. Smash the Windows
  10. The Donegal Reel