"So many men who were geniuses worked away in solitude and their hard-won knowledge and skill died with them. If we are to succeed this must not be allowed to continue." - Seán Reid 1968.

Release Notes

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1.0 - Initial Release of the Seán Reid Society Journal Volume III

This is the premiere release of Volume III of the Journal. For the first time, we are releasing the Journal as a live web document. This means that we can easily include live weblinks in documents, and solves many of the platform compatibility issues which we've encountered in the past.

PDF is the preferred publication format for Journal articles for several reasons. Firstly it is nearly universal, and the de facto standard for electronic publishing. Secondly, it is more suited as an archival format, as backwards compatibility is a key feature and we are assured that PDF documents will continue to be readable well into the future. Thirdly, the format's specifications are publicly available and non-proprietary readers are encouraged. Lastly, the format is paginated, allowing scholarly citations.

Further to this last point, it is the intention of the Society that each of the Journal's articles be kept at a unique "stable" URI, so that links to the article do not become obsolete; further, each significant new version of an article will be granted a new, unique URI so that page references to older versions remain valid.

This edition of the Journal includes a number of sound recordings, drawings, and photographs. (See also the Photo Credits page.) Viewers of the Journal are asked to take note of photo credits and copyright; Journal contents are protected by copyright, except where explicitly noted, and may not be republished without permission. While considerable effort has been made to ensure that these files are viewable on multiple software platforms and browsers, differences may arise based on the viewing platform. The audio files in this release of Volume III are in MP3 format; photos are provided in high-resolution JPEG when possible, and line art may be provided as PNG graphics. Bore data and similar tabular data is provided in either plain text or spreadsheet form, compatible with Excel versions shipped with Windows 97/2000/XP; they have been tested with OpenOffice on both Linux and Macintosh.

Technical issues regarding this releae of Volume III may be directed to postmaster AT seanreidsociety DOT org.